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Reputation, ethics and credibility

Norwind, solar and wind energy  

Following strong and clearly defined values benefits not only ourselves, the landowners, energy utilities, governments or laws, but also the entire value chain, delivering greater perceived value to assets that now only produce renewable energy, but also clean processes and projects, free from any moral, ethical, technical, and legal issues.

Social, economic and environmental awareness is part of everything we do and of how we contract employees and outsourced suppliers, purchase and use materials, obtain environmental documents, licenses and permits, as well as of how we interact with the local communities.  ​

After all, what use would there be in generating clean energy, if our operations were not equally as clean, end to end?


We operate according to a strict system for the internal control of processes to ensure information confidentiality, transparent relations and compliance with rules, laws and regulations in effect, resulting in legal safety and productivity gains for the entire value chain of the projects.

Confidentiality and Transparency

Ensure virtuous and ethical relations, offering the reliability that is key both for stakeholders and for the success of each project.

Technical excellence

Ethics and expertise come together in a multidisciplinary team, comprised of highly qualified professionals, responsible for the assessment, planning and implementation of large-sized projects, in Brazil and worldwide.


Ethical and responsible processes and contracts, compliant with the law and respectful of the environment, ensure the implementation of sustainable projects with clean energy generation, across all levels and meanings.

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