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Excellence and credibility in renewable energy

Wind and solar energy

End-to-end service in the project development value chain


Solar energy

Solar energy accounts for less than  3% of Brazil’s energy matrix. Nonetheless, the number of photovoltaic systems installed in the brazilian territory has grown considerably, mainly in the South and Southeast regions of the country,  in addition to large centrals that represent  colossal investments in the northeast region of the country.


Thanks to the country's potential, government and private initiative efforts, there are currently almost 300,000 photovoltaic systems connected to the grid, maintaining a daily average of 753.1 MW and installed solar energy capacity above 10 gigawatts, representing, by example, more than 70% of the power of the Itaipu hydroelectric plant. These numbers place Brazil close to the top 10 of solar energy generating countries in the world.  


An economically viable source for Brazilians, Norwind is committed to being a fundamental part of the process of accessing technology, developing studies and implementing solar energy fields and equipment.

Solar energy is reliable, sustainable, economically viable and competitive!


Wind energy

Wind energy currently accounts for around 11% of Brazil’s energy matrix in 2021, and such share is expected to significantly increase in the coming years, with estimated generation potential of approximately 500 Gigawatts (GW) exclusively for on-shore installations. This translates into enough energy to supply three times Brazil’s current energy demand.


This also stands for substantial growth potential and supports the new wind units authorized in six Brazilian states, four of which are located in the Northeast. Local highlights are the states of Ceará and Bahia, with 33.6 MW.


Our standard developed project, owned by Engie Group, in Campo Largo, state of Bahia, operates an installed capacity of MW and is a leading reference in the market. The project is Engie Group’s second largest global project.

Wind energy is reliable, sustainable, economically viable and competitive!

Who we are

About Norwind

We are an international company, the project and new business development arm of the Quifel Group in the wind and solar energy market.

Our developed projects aim at free market and public PPAs

We develop large-scale centralized generation projects

We partner up with leading energy utilities and the main energy equity providers

We are all over the Brazilian territory

What we do?

High-end technical projects, extremely qualified assets

Campo Largo - BA

Standard project

Partnership with ENGIE allows for installed capacity of 361.2 MW, servicing 850k  households.

Every client is a long-term partnership

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