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Nossos projetos

Campo Largo 2 | Engie


A 361.2 MW wind farm in Bahia

In partnership with Engie, Campo Largo 2 will be the company's largest wind farm in the world and is designed for the free energy market, with currently more than 100 contracts signed in this modality to make the project viable.

Made up of 11 plants, with 86 4.2 MW turbines, with an installed capacity of 361.2 MW, it will be aimed at the free energy market, band aggregated more installed capacity on top of Campo Largo 1 (326,7 MW) and Umburanas 360 MW).

Estimated project investments total BRL 2 billion, including 75 km of access ways, 101 km of medium voltage networks, and the turbines are the largest ever produced. Also, in certain cases, transportation distance will exceed one thousand kilometers.

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